Our Advisors

Becky Gillespie

Becky Gillespie is a mom, Girl Scout troop leader, and small-business owner with 21 years’ experience in the travel industry.  As a lifelong Christian, she was moved to join Earth Justice Ministries after seeing a lack of Christian leadership and involvement in issues of racial justice locally following the death of George Floyd.   Becky believes that the church is not the building where you meet but is the body of believers doing God’s work in the community.  She seeks to bring together faith leaders and congregations to love our neighbors by addressing racial injustices and being the light in the world.

Avila Lowrance

Avila Lowrance began working with very young children with special needs in Nevada County’s immigrant community in 2002, and had the privilege of visiting them in their homes.  Many trusted friendships grew out of these visits and continued to widen as more and more immigrants arrived in our county.  In 2008 Avila had great fun collecting and testing favorite family recipes from these friends and publishing them in a bilingual cookbook, Chile Peppers, Spicing it Up!/Chiles ¡para darle sazón!  Since 2017 she has been a member of Immigration Action Alliance, which advocates strongly for immigrant justice.



David Nui

David Nui is pastor of Nevada City United Methodist Church. Originally from Tonga, David is active locally in many capacities, including being an Advisor on the Board of Earth Justice Ministries, serving on Nevada County’s Equity and Inclusion Alliance, participating in the local BIPOC Council (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), and participating in the Interfaith Coalition of Nevada County. He is also active in the California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church in Clergy Leadership Development, the Conference Committee on Ordained Ministry, and the Board of Ordained Ministry. 

Rebecca Amaro Vandegrift

Rebecca Vandegrift is a founding member of Immigration Action Aliliance in Nevada County: We are a small group of highly dedicated women activists who’s main focus is helping our local immigrant community and fighting anti-racist policies that make for an unsafe community. I am also a member of Abuelas Responden Sacramento. Before COVID-we would meet and assist incoming and passing migrants with basic necessities and information. Now we assist those that are living in Sacramento.