Our Advisors

Becky Gillespie

Becky Gillespie is a mom, Girl Scout troop leader, and small-business owner with 21 years’ experience in the travel industry.  As a lifelong Christian, she was moved to join Earth Justice Ministries after seeing a lack of Christian leadership and involvement in issues of racial justice locally following the death of George Floyd.   Becky believes that the church is not the building where you meet but is the body of believers doing God’s work in the community.  She seeks to bring together faith leaders and congregations to love our neighbors by addressing racial injustices and being the light in the world.

Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery is a humanitarian, peacemaker, and social justice activist. She graduated from CAL Berkeley, where she studied Communications, African-American Studies, Spanish language and literature, and Performing Arts. Michelle  has  a passion for dance,  singing, meditation, gardening, cooking, writing poetry, creating art, and making music. She has a passion for dancing, singing, meditation, gardening, cooking, writing poetry, creating art, and making music. Michelle is a champion for people with disabilities and works to help those who are oppressed,  disenfranchised, persons of color, and seeks to amplify their voices. Her mission is to love God and others, as taught by “the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.”

Daryl Grigsby 

Daryl Grigsby is a lay leader in the Catholic Church, author and community activist. Daryl has a Master’s in Pastoral Studies from The School of Theology and Ministry from Seattle University. He has written five books, including, In Their Footsteps: Inspirational Reflections on Black History for Every Day of the Year. Daryl volunteers as Bus Coordinator for Get On The Bus, connecting families with incarcerated parents, and is Board Chair for Color Me Human, a local Nevada City organization promoting equity and inclusion. He is on the Board of Directors for Leadership Foundations, a global organization empowering local individuals and organizations to resolve critical issues in their local cities. Daryl is also founder of the African-American Writers and Artists of San Diego, the Seattle Black Catholic Men’s breakfast group, and has been involved in mentoring for African-American elementary age boys in Seattle, Washington, and Pomona, California.