Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery is a Humanitarian, and a Peacemaker.  Michelle was raised in New York, and as a military brat in the Republic of Panama in what was known as the former  (U.S. occupied) Panama Canal Zone, as well as in Panama City, Panama.  She came to California for college, made California her home in 1989, and has been living here ever since.

Michelle is a graduate of CAL Berkeley where she studied Communications, African-American studies, Spanish language and literature, and Performing Arts.  She has been a Dancer since the age of 3, studying Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap. While in college she continued her love of Dance by studying Congalese, Afro-Haitian, Capoeira, Afro-Cuban, Bomba, Belly Dancing, Hip-Hop, Modern Dance, and Flamenco. Dance is one of her passions along with singing, meditation, gardening, cooking, writing poetry, creating Art, and making music.

Michelle has traveled to many countries in search of awakening her spirit including: Amsterdam, Canada, England, France, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Panama, The Philippines, and Spain.  Her life has been  dedicated to helping children of all ages.  At this time she is especially committed to serve Humanity as a Champion for persons with disabilities, to help the oppressed, the disenfranchised, persons of color, and anyone who otherwise haven’t a means to speak up for themselves.

Michelle describes herself as a Divine Feminine, and a fierce Spiritual Warrior living as an Emanation of the Most High here to spread more of Creator’s light, and love throughout the Universe.  Her mission is simple, it is to love God, and one another, as taught to by the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.  Referring to her spiritual journey, Michelle writes:

“At the age of 13, I had my first conversation with an Ancestor who had crossed the veil to the invisible realm. This deeply impacted me, and opened up my ability to commune with my Ancestors, Guides, and develop a very deep relationship with the Lord.  I had a major epiphany serving as an education volunteer in the US Peace Corps in the Philippines.  I saw how much privilege I had compared to the poverty that I witnessed overseas.

“I am here to be one of the mighty Earth Angel Guardians, and will continue to be an activist for social justice, and for spiritual liberation for the Human race.  I would like to add how important it is for me to live in a manner honoring truth, and respect of our mutual ancestors and kindred spirits.  I want my life to reflect a beauty way, and create a harmonious living with others who are fighting the good fight for social justice, and bless the planet by including the animal species, and other human beings to help to live in a sustainable environment.”