Ruby Chow

Ruby Chow is a high school sophomore who is taking both high school and college classes.  Her plan is to graduate from high school with two years of college completed.  She loves playing soccer and is hoping for a soccer scholarship.

In addition to being on the Board of Directors of Earth Justice Ministries, Ruby is Co-Coordinator of the Nevada County Hub of the Sunrise Movement, a nation-wide group of young people working for climate justice and the Green New Deal. She has worked with the group to organize public events, climate strikes, teach-ins, and planning meetings, and has spoken before groups about Sunrise and the Green New Deal. During the shelter-in-place response to Covid 19, she has been working with other Sunrise members on linking up online with the national leaders and organizing behind the scenes locally, including developing a website. About her leadership experience with Sunrise, Ruby says, “I think it’s been good for them and good for me. I’ve brought some calm and focused energy to the group and helped with the group’s mission, and I’m learning about organizing and about the political and economic issues related to climate change. I’m spending a lot of time doing it, but it’s good.”

Although Ruby is not part of a religion, she senses a spiritual reality. She says, “I have a feeling that is like what Christians mean when they talk about God.”  She lives with her parents and brother. Two other brothers and her little nephew live nearby.