Climate Change Agents Camp

Earth Justice Ministries co-sponsor the annual Climate Change Agents Summer Camp, held in a nearby lodge outside of Nevada City, California. Sadly, this year’s camp has had to be postponed until next year, the summer of 2020. 

Each year we collaborate with the Nevada County Climate Action Now (NC-CAN), Full-Circle Learning (FCL), and other local organizations to co-sponsor the five-day, four-night scholarship-based camp, where high-potential, underserved students develop the collaboration and problem-solving skills to become change agents in their community. The young change agents teach the public about each year’s identified climate change issue, a topic such as food insecurity, drought, flood, wildfire, etc., in the context of the current year’s habit-of-heart theme (a topic such as advocacy, love, moderation, or unity). The annual Climate Change Agents camp curriculum is designed to hone students’ life skills and character as well building new knowledge and strategies in academics, the arts, and real-world conflict resolution applications. Wisdom exchange partnerships with FCL schools help the youth apply advocacy and climate justice through real-world problem-solving, to promote collaboration with people suffering disproportionately from the impacts of climate change around the globe. Each camp activity is integrated to achieve the overall service objectives and transformation goals of the year. Guest presenters and field trip hosts are selected specifically to offer their relevant specialties to that end. Members of Earth-Justice, NC-CAN, and FCL also volunteer.  This year’s theme, Be the Change in the Air, has been in the planning stage for a year, with committed global guest presenters and projects going to and from multiple nations. Contact us to find out more or to designate a donation to the camp at our Donate page.