Climate Change and Climate Justice:

Climate Change and Climate Justice are a primary focus of Earth Justice Ministries, linking urgent action on climate to a just transition for those who are most vulnerable to its impacts.  Earth Justice Ministries has been raising awareness, educating and acting on climate change, and working for climate justice since it was founded in 1996.  The term climate justice acknowledges that wealthier nations have emitted most of the greenhouse gas emissions that are currently in the atmosphere, while people in poor and vulnerable regions and countries suffer the effects of climate change first and worst. Our goals in working for climate justice are: 1) to affirm God’s love for our human family, for all creatures, and for all generations 2) to take action on behalf of current and future victims of climate change; 3) to act in solidarity with people in poor regions and developing nations who are most vulnerable to climate change impacts and least responsible for the changing climate; 4) to join with the many young people who are urging their religious institutions, colleges, and universities to take strong action to alleviate the dangers of accelerating climate change, especially by withdrawing financial support from fossil fuel production. Earth Justice Ministries executive director Sharon Delgado is the organizer of this program. Read her blog posts on climate justice, order her book Love in a Time of Climate Change: Honoring Creation, Establishing Justice, or contact her here for online workshops, classes, book studies, and presentations on climate change and climate justice for faith and secular communities.