Creating Communities Beyond Bias

CCBB is a project of Earth Justice Ministries. The group was born in 2011in response to a racist event in the Nevada County, California community where it is based, and continues to be committed to supporting anyone who experiences a racist or hateful act. CCBB members have served on a number of panels related to prejudice and have advised school administrators and student groups concerned about racial and other social justice issues. They have conducted numerous workshops and presentations for middle school, high school, and college students in the region. The group has offered Unity Summits, Love Walks, classes, and workshops to help people recognize white privilege and to undo bias and discrimination of every kind.  According to CCBB board member Guarionex Delgado: “We find ourselves at a point of extreme polarization in this nation’s political story where violence and threat of violence, bullying and ridicule are accepted tools of dominance and power over others.

We see the problems our behavior has created. We even know what is required to right the wrong, but we seem unable to collectively choose a good and healing way for ourselves and our communities. If we would be free from the burdens of fear, hate, prejudice and injustice, we need to accept responsibility for healing ourselves and then engage with others in healing our community. We who would heal our communities and make them just and nurturing, so that unkind hate-filled words become uncommon rather than the norm, must understand the past and heal our own hearts and minds. We have individuals and groups within our community who are dedicated to healing minds and spirits. Many are adept at sharing tools and practices as well as educating and inspiring us to be awake, aware, creative, cooperative and collaborative for the sake of our communities and for the wellbeing of future generations.” One such group is CCBB.  The group’s Love Walk 3, scheduled for May 9, 2020, had to be postponed due to Covid 19 shelter-in-place policies. It had been planned as a celebration of diversity and unity, with workshops at the Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains and music and entertainment at the Center for the Arts. Although CCBB has postponed this event, the group is planning where to go here with their work of dismantling racism in the Nevada County community.  Their invitation still stands: “We invite you, dear reader, to come and meet your allies in the transformation to a more just and equitable community. We invite you to come and see what hope looks like as your own latest step in healing the trauma handed down to you by the past and the day to day damage of navigating a hurting world. We invite you to take part in community with the intention of opening minds and hearts to be with one another in a good way, and to participate in with that intention at its core.