Emergency Covid 19 Response:

Earth Justice Ministries is finding ways to respond to the Covid 19 pandemic in collaboration with other organizations, and we invite you to contact us with suggestions of what others are doing for relief or advocacy. Local food banks are stretched because so many people have lost their jobs. Doctors Without Borders is responding to the pandemic in countries all over the world.  Full Circle Learning has set up an Emergency Empathy Fund to help with the full-scale emergency brought about by the closing of their schools in several African nations. Stay-at-home orders, often enforced at gunpoint, leave orphans and other vulnerable people without food.  The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity prays and acts in solidarity with those whose lives are at risk in detention centers and prisons during the COVID pandemic.  We encourage those of you who have enough to donate your stimulus check to a charity that will help provide for those who are in need.