Youth Empowerment for Climate Action:

Because young people and future generations will bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change, and because they are passionate about treating it as the emergency that it is, Earth Justice Ministries has a program of Youth Empowerment for Climate Action.  This includes working with activists, including members of the local Nevada County hub of the Sunrise Movement, in skills for climate action that involves organizing, educating, community building, and advocacy. The young people are supportive of the struggle for Black Lives Matter and the struggle for racial justice, as is Earth Justice Ministries. Organizing  has become ore challenging during the coronavirus pandemic, so meetings have moved online.  Our purpose as Earth Justice Ministries is to serve as an allied organization with young people concerned about the future and offer resources to help equip them to work together in an egalitarian way to bring about social change in the direction of peace, justice, and environmental healing. The goal of this work is to provide the opportunity for young people to develop organizing, group process, and joint decision-making skills that will equip them to plan and carry out events or actions.

Contact us to get involved in any of these projects.  You can donate to a designated project or to Earth Justice Ministries as a whole.