Associated Groups

Local and Regional Groups

We consider each of the organizations listed on this page as allies in the work of 1) fostering peace, justice, and the flourishing of life; 2) resisting and helping to alleviate the ravages of environmental destruction and human misery; and 3) seeking to understand and educate others about the underlying causes of these harms. We work with the peace and justice committees of several local faith communities to sponsor occasional events or projects, but the local groups we list here are mostly secular.  We see them all as furthering the mission upon which Earth Justice Ministries was founded: to inspire, support and connect faith to actions that bring hope for the earth, the human family, and the whole community of life and to further the cause of peace, justice, and healing of the earth. We affirm these organizations and are grateful to be able to work in coalition with them as they focus on specific issues that are important to our time.

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

Guarionex Delgado, Earth Justice Ministries co-founder and board member, leads AVP workshops locally and regionally and is on the Steering Committee of AVP-California.  VP is an association of community, school and prison-based groups offering experiential workshops in personal growth, nonviolent communication, community development, and creative conflict management. Find out more at AVP USA and AVP International, or Contact Guari to find out about upcoming workshops.  Workshops are by donation and scholarships are available.  At this time of shelter-in-place due to Covid 19, the California AVP Steering Committee is meeting by Zoom to find creative ways to continue their work, since in-person communication has been at its core.

Color Me Human

Color Me Human works to dismantle systems of oppression both within ourselves and within the institutions of Nevada County/Nisenan land. Led by a multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-issue coalition, we acknowledge, celebrate, and support the underrepresented communities in California’s second whitest county. Through education, cross-movement solidarity building, and crisis response we aim to eliminate harm inflicted on people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and folks with disabilities in Nevada County/Nisenan Land.   The organization was formed in early February 2020. We’ve been working hard to establish solid governance; building capacity and mobilizing in the community, while also responding to the current racial unrest of the times.

Community Environmental Advocates

Community Environmental Advocates (CEA) Foundation advocates for responsible land use and environmental protection policies and actions in Nevada County. The organization’s goal for Nevada County’s future is a thriving community, a strong economy, and a healthy environment. CEA tracks and assesses the Proposal to Reopen Idaho-Maryland Mine in Grass Valley. Many local groups, including Earth Justice Ministries, oppose the reopening of the mine because it would harm the local environment, create huge traffic impacts, and greatly increase the region’s carbon footprint.      – Return to Associated Groups

Creating Communities Beyond Bias (CCBB)

CCBB was born in 2011 in response to a racist event in Nevada County, California, and continues to be committed to supporting anyone who experiences a racist or hateful act. CCBB members have served on a number of panels related to prejudice and racism and have advised school administrators and student groups concerned about racial and other justice issues. They have conducted numerous workshops and presentations for middle school, high school, and college students in the region. The group has offered Unity Summits, Love Walks, classes, and workshops to help people recognize white privilege and to undo bias and discrimination of every kind. 

Friends of Bear River (FROBERI)

The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is proposing a new 275-foot dam on the Bear River.  The dam would block the last six miles of free-flowing river and destroy fish and wildlife habitat, beloved swimming holes, and sacred indigenous Nisenan sites.  Friends of Bear River (FROBERI) promotes a vision of Bear River Recreation and a robust living ecology within the whole Bear River watershed. The group works with Placer County on behalf of Bear River Park and in unity with the local Nisenan tribe in order to preserve all tribal and public access to Bear River, Tu’im Se’o, for future generations of all people. FROBERI is working to reclaim the properties that NID has purchased back to the commons for affordable housing and open space. It encourages preservation of some of the lands for a future Bear River Park Preserve. The group’s vision is for a beaver sanctuary status for the entire watershed as well as a reconciliation center and interpretive trails featuring native lifeways for the Nisenan people. It advocates for personhood for the Bear River and the right to flows that enhance and sustain the fishery. For more information go  and – Return to Associated Groups

Immigration Action Alliance

The Immigration Action Alliance is a Nevada County action-based group committed to participation and involvement in local, statewide, and national actions that support the immigrant community, both in the United States and at U.S. borders. Their activism takes several forms, including attending and leading workshops and educational events, publicly demonstrating, fundraising for organizations that support immigrant causes, travelling to border cities and into Mexico to volunteer to support immigrant families, contacting/educating legislators, posting online articles and photographs, working to reunite immigrant families and free children from detention, and continuing to spread the message that “seeking asylum is legal.”      – Return to Associated Groups

Nevada County Move to Amend

Nevada County Move to Amend is working to reign in the power that corporations and the extremely wealthy have over our democracy. Their goal is the passage of a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that makes clear that “a corporation is not a person” and “money is not speech.” (The actual text of the congressional resolution can be read on the website).  The group is open to all people and invites all local organizations to join their coalition. Nevada County Move to Amend is an affiliate of the national Move to Amend.      – Return to Associated Groups

Nevada County Climate Action Now

Nevada County Climate Action Now: NC-CAN is made up of individuals concerned about the effects of climate change locally and around the world.  Their purpose is to 1) to Stay informed, educate, and update members about the crisis of global warming and its causes, consequences, and potential solutions;  2) Stay connected and coordinate actions with national and global grassroots organizations addressing climate change, and coordinate actions with these groups;  3) Plan local actions that will help raise awareness, defeat denial, spread truth, and seek to limit greenhouse gas emissions, both locally and globally; 4) Support actions which will influence climate policies at local, state, and federal levels; 5) Act in solidarity with vulnerable people who are experiencing the effects of climate change first and worst. Stay connected liking the Nevada County Climate Action Now Facebook page.      – Return to Associated Groups


Occupy Beale Air Force Base

Occupy Beale Air Force Base: Activists from several Northern California communities have come together for anti-militarization demonstrations at the site of Beale Air Force Base for many years, including protests against the Iraq war and military escalation in southwest Asia and around the world. Currently, demonstrations focus on the U.S. military’s use of drones to attack people in countries around the world, including those with whom we are not at war.  Occupy Beale’s Facebook Page no longer covers upcoming events, but it does offer up-to-date on drone warfare and other forms of U.S. militarism.      – Return to Associated Groups

The Palestine-Israel Working Group of Nevada County

The Palestine-Israel Working Group of Nevada County (PIWG) advocates for human rights, equality and justice for all in Palestine and Israel.  Their mission is to educate people about the situation there and to work with others to encourage a nonviolent solution to the conflict. PIWG is a member of the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights and of The U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation; it supports international BDS campaigns. PIWG’s Facebook page has reports from Palestine and Israel about the struggle for human rights, equal access to resources for Palestinians, Israeli abuses, and Jewish and Israeli support for Palestinian rights and for peace.      – Return to Associated Groups

The Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County

The Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County offers education, events, and action for peace and justice. The organization is dedicated to principles of non-violent resolution of conflict. While PJCNC is a diverse community of many spiritual, religious, and political beliefs, it is not a political or religious entity. Through open inquiry, education, and nonviolent direct action, the organization nurtures peace, equality, justice and dignity “in ourselves, our community and our Earth.”      – Return to Associated Group

Sunrise Movement, Nevada County Hub

The Sunrise Movement, Nevada County Hub:  The Nevada County hub of the Sunrise Movement is made up of youth, mostly in high school but open to all young people ages 13 to 35.  They are working in a coordinated way and attending “Sunrise School” trainings as part of the national Sunrise Movement, a youth-led organization that supports the Green New Deal and is actively working for a brighter future. “We’re building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.”      – Return to Associated Groups

Wolf Creek Community Alliance

Wolf Creek Community Alliance works to preserve and protect Wolf Creek and its watershed for the benefit of present and future generations, to restore the creek to a condition of optimal health and integrity, to monitor the conditions of the creek, to enlist the community in this work, and to prosper and thrive as an organization and thereby have a long-lasting presence and effect in the watershed.  You can also find them on Facebook.    – Return to Associated Groups

Other Local or Regional Groups

There are many other local and regional groups with which we find common cause. Here are a few. We are grateful to be part of a community that has so many people doing so much good work.

Briarpatch Food Coop is a community-owned food cooperative that promotes a strong and sustainable community by offering products that ensure personal and planetary health and by supporting local farms and other local businesses.

Community Beyond Violence (CBV) offers resources and support for building healthy relationships and works with community partners to provide services for healing the effects of interpersonal violence.

Health Care for All, Nevada County is dedicated to the goal of bringing single payer health care to California, and to that end we use every opportunity to educate the public.

Hospitality House offers shelter, sustenance, medical care, advocacy, opportunity, dignity, hope, and assistance for people without permanent housing in transitioning from homelessness to housing.

Faithful Friends (through Freedom for Immigrants: Visitation Programs in California): Faithful Friends is a group of volunteers who visit detained immigrants at the Yuba County Jail to communicate with individual detainees, inquire about their health and the conditions in the jail, share their needs with Faithful Friends, and sometimes contact their families or request lawyers. 

PFLAG: Uniting people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) with families, friends, and allies, PFLAG works to advance equality through support, education, and advocacy.

The Nevada County Progressive Alliance is an alliance of the progressive groups in Nevada County. The purpose of this group is to share events, coordinate activities, set up ride shares and buses to marches or protests, offer education on the varied issues they work on, and inform people about what’s happening in their respective areas. 

Norcal Resist offers practical help, leads know-your-rights trainings, and advocates for immigrants, including those who are undocumented.  The group provides necessities, such as rent assistance, groceries, diapers, school supplies, medical bill assistance, and legal support, to hundreds of families living in Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, Nevada, Yuba, Sutter, Colusa, Butte, Shasta, and Sacramento counties.

Sierra Roots works to provide a secure and safe place for people who are chronically homeless by using a relationship-based approach that identifies individual needs and preserves each person’s dignity.

South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) is the center of community activism focused on to protecting, restoring, and celebrating the Yuba River watershed.