Earth Justice Ministries

Working together for peace, justice, and the restoration of the community of life.


Welcome to Earth Justice Ministries’ website! We are dedicated to following the lead of the Spirit as we work for the transformation of the world through compassion, nonviolence, and justice for all creation. Our organization is an interfaith nonprofit whose purpose is to bring the resources of faith to bear as we work together with all people of faith and conscience for peace, justice, and the restoration of the community of life. For more about us, including bios of our board members, go to: About Us.

Earth Justice Ministries is based in rural Western Nevada County, California in the Yuba River watershed and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Our programs include local projects and events, presentations by board members, and coordination with national and international campaigns and organizations. To find out more, go to Projects & Campaigns. To see what we are doing in collaboration with other local, national, and international organizations, go to our Associated Groups page.

We recognize that humankind faces a global crisis that is multifaceted and includes ecological destruction, growing inequity, poverty, injustice, violence, terror, and war. We believe that these problems and their underlying causes are related. For this reason, we offer writings, suggestions for action, resources, and links related to several issues. We also offer Presentations.