Guarionex Delgado

Guarionex “Guari” Delgado is a “multigenetic” person from the Caribbean island of Boriken, who was brought to the US mainland at the age of three. He is retired from the construction trades, but can still be found with a hammer in his hand. He is more likely to be “caring for and nurturing life” around him by tending his fruit trees and working in the garden. He also takes frequent walks in the woods with his beloved Sharon, with whom he has lived and grown for over fifty years. Their children and grandchildren live nearby; their close family is a source of joy. Of retirement, he says, “It is the richest and most peaceful time in my life. I am not rich, but I want for nothing. The privilege of retirement has increased my sensitivity to the inequities of the world.”

Guari is a veteran who is committed to peace, a member of Veterans for Peace. He believes that all violence has a negative effect and comes with a price for both those who engage in it and persons toward whom it is directed.  He is on the California steering committee of the Alternatives to Violence Project, which works in prisons, schools, and community groups to “help people recognize the violence in themselves and develop the skills to respond creatively rather than with violence.” He credits this work for impacting him over the years, making him more tolerant of himself and others, patient, loving, and open. It has also increased his curiosity about the lives of others, their motivations and experiences, and the potential brought about through human communities that seek transformation. The key to such transformation is opening to “Transforming Power.” Guari also serves with Creating Communities Beyond Bias (CCBB), a project of Earth Justice Ministries, which provides education and outreach to promote unity through the acceptance and celebration of diversity.

As for spiritual focus, Guari acknowledges the presence of the Creator’s love in and through all things.  Prayer and meditation practices keep him “centered and sane in a whirling world…I’ve learned a lot, experienced a lot, and have concluded that life is primarily a spiritual journey. It is a great opportunity to be reconciled with our Creator.”

Guari likes “stringing words together and sometimes they turn into a poem.” His book, Being Human: Poems of Resistance and Renewal, is available at online distributers or at .