About Earth Justice Ministries

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, support and connect faith to actions that bring hope for the earth, the human family, and the whole community of life and to further the cause of peace, justice, and healing of the earth. Our activities include outreach, education, witness and advocacy through the following means: 

* Educating individuals and faith communities about spiritual and ethical issues related to white supremacy and racism, war and violence, ecological destruction, global inequity, injustice, and corporate globalization. 

* Providing worship, educational, and creative experiences which are grounded in the awareness of God’s presence in the creation and which inspire participation in ministries of justice, ecological healing, and peacemaking. 

* Nurturing and supporting networks of individuals, faith communities, and secular organizations working for peace, justice, and ecological healing. 

* Teaching, empowering, promoting, and practicing nonviolence as means of personal, spiritual and social transformation. 

* Offering spiritual, theological, and practical support to peace, justice, and environmental ministries. 

* Providing inspiration, hope and theological resources for study and action to faith communities and individuals. 

* Assisting and finding practical ways to support and be in solidarity with victims of racism or other forms of discrimination, militarism, injustice, and ecological and environmental destruction. 

Our Advisors (click on Sidebar link). 

Becky Gillespie

Rebecca Amaro Vandegrift

Avila Lowrance

David Nui




Our History

Since our founding in 1996, we have served as a resource to churches and other faith communities and secular organizations. We offer resources to equip people of faith in the struggle to build a peaceful, just, and regenerative world. We are committed to joining with all people of faith and conscience to build a broad coalition that has the power and moral authority to address the grave concerns facing our world today. 

We have created and disseminated worship resources and educational literature; worked on projects related to peace, racial and gender justice, and the environment; organized and provided leadership in workshops and conferences; participated in countless demonstrations and campaigns; offered worship services, concerts, and creative events which celebrate God’s creation; and provided nonviolence trainings.

We have worked in coalitions to further common goals, such as peacemaking and an end to war, protecting civil liberties, supporting the rights of immigrants, providing information to GIs and conscientious objectors, educating people about global climate change, preserving Headwaters Forest and other ecosystems; protecting school children from pesticide exposure in the South Bay, preserving the Endangered Species Act and other environmental laws, working on the Dioxin-Free Future Campaign, and many other activities. Earth Justice Ministries has also provided education related to the economic, social, and environmental effects of economic globalization, and on the interlocking network of governments, banks, corporations, and global institutions which make up the global economic system.  For more recent past activities, check out the Archives of newsletters or scroll down our Facebook page. Some of these projects are ongoing.