Earth Day Prayer

Earth Day Prayer

Michelle Montgomery

Dear Mother Earth,

On Earth Day, we humbly stand before you asking for your forgiveness for our selfish actions. We, your children have neglected you, damaged your beautiful Earth, and have been creating more problems for any Mother to bear.

We stand before you now as the hours are becoming close to being too late to take back the harm that we have done from not taking time to honor you the way that we should.

Dear Mother, for this, and so much more, we ask for your humble loving kindness, mercy, and for your grace.

Our rivers, oceans, waters, and our air is being polluted by Humans.  Our trash is not handled properly in the proper removal of trash, recycling, and other hazardous materials. The use of oil for transportation in automobiles further pollutes the environment.

Your 2-Legged, 4-Legged, Winged ones, and Crawlers are all being affected by the disrespect, and disharmony of the human species.

The Animal species (especially our Wolves, Birds, and Bears), and so many of your creatures are becoming extinct in rapid fashion.

The Trees who were once great in number are being chopped down for selfish greed in forests across the globe, and causing harm as we have been destroying the Ecosystem, which previously provided so many minerals, and plant medicine to heal the planet. Sadly, some of your Children only think of the profits they will make, and fail to see the errors in their harmful ways.

We must  face the reality of our present of The Earth that is losing a battle that we are far behind in acknowledging the error in our ways.  We face the continuous destruction of Climate Change, and which will ultimately cause the end of our entire species to die.

This is an emergency wake up call to those who have been tasked to be Earth Stewards. We have a responsibility to make amends for the wrongs of so many who came before us, and who are no longer here to deal with the present day emergency challenges.

Please help us beloved Mother to make those wrongs, rights. Use our love, light, wisdom, and humility to compost that which is no longer needed into something that will be everlasting, in order to transform our planet.

May we be guided through your song of truth, justice, love, compassion, and make our Earth green, and strong again.

To whom much is given, much will be required. Luke 12:48